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Nicolazzo Brothers have been a valuable resource to us from the time we first bought our current property. Steve and Antonio Nicolazzo are landscapers “par excellence”. From the very first day that we worked with them we have been totally pleased with their strong commitment to quality and their most positive attitude in responding to our ever changing needs.

We operate a nursery school in West Newton with a property of one acre+ and we demand perfection. Both Steve and Antonio have managed to consistently support our day-to-day needs as well as with all of the emergency projects that we throw at them.

They are extremely pragmatic in helping us with our design needs. Whenever we develop the concept, we find that they are able to take our idea to the next level, to help us create the perfect flower bed, or shrubbery arrangement, or flagstone walkway. They also knows how to do things in a manner that always seem to be very cost effective, without sacrificing on quality.

Talking with these two brothers about a custom project is indeed a pleasure. They are very highly skilled craftsman, with such a large wealth of experience that the complicated often becomes very simple. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking higher-quality landscaping services at affordable prices.

Sydney P.
The Teddy Bear Club Nursery School

I am pleased to enclose my check for the terrific job you guys did. My wife was absolutely delighted with thenew look, as was I.

We look forward to your keeping the place looking good.

Dennis D.
Brookline, MA


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